Our Competences

Finance and Administration

Acutely aware of the interdependence of HR and Finance functions, Coparlead is expanding its service offering in the Finance sphere.

Coparlead Finance can now notably assist you in the following areas:

Improving corporate performance

Supporting organic growth

Coparlead helps you to take up the challenges of corporate expansion. We can:

  • Audit your finance department and boost its efficiency (recommendations for improving processes and applications, etc.)
  • Develop and implement administrative and financial procedures (eg, internal controls, accounting standards etc.)
  • Reorganise your finance department in order to cope with company growth (increasing turnover, dealing with higher levels of administrative obligations (stock market listings,  reporting to shareholders, etc.), integrating new information systems, etc.)
  • Implement a shared administrative and financial services department center
  • Research and optimise your funding requirements (banking, personal)
  • Improve management of your working capital requirement and treasury flows

Dealing with a restructuring environment

Coparlead can help you manage this particularly delicate phase of corporate life, both from the labour and financial standpoints.

  • Diagnosis and restructuring proposals: Legal and financial
  • Financial audit and budget review: Deployment of key performance indicators
  • Audit of costs and drafting of cost-cutting plans
  • Assistance in the search for funding

A corporate restructuring may also involve asset and/or subsidiary disposals. In connection with its external/acquisition-led growth activity Coparlead can help you carry out this type of transaction by helping you to define and implement the disposal process:
Drafting disposal strategy and process
Sub-delegation of disposals management process: Drafting documents, approaching prospects, negotiations, etc.
Assistance in managing social and legal consequences

Carrying out external growth programmes

Corporate development often entails external growth transactions, in France and elsewhere. Thanks to the extensive experience of its partners, Coparlead can help you to carry out such plans.
Our approach is that of the industrialist and entrepreneur, with a preference for strategic common sense rather than a purely financial approach.

  • Define and implement an acquisitions policy (identify targets, market screening, approach targets, etc.)
  • Due diligence on prospective acquisitions and management of the negotiations process
  • Labour audit and organisation proposal
  • Management of post-acquisition/merger integration activities

Delegated management of equity interests

Foreign private investors' management of their equity interests in French companies may often prove difficult due to cultural differences, the complexities of local regulations, sheer distance or even language barriers. Coparlead offers such investors, on the basis of its extensive skills portfolio, a comprehensive offering for the delegated management of their equity interests.

Our comprehensive offering enables us to act as an advisor or as a proxy.

As an intermediary between overseas shareholders and local managers, Coparlead seeks to contribute to the success of the investment transaction through the success of the company itself.

Our offering mainly consists of the following services:

Reporting and corporate governance

  • Assistance in drafting and implementing a reporting process
  • Regular financial performance reviews
  • Ad hoc audits and analyses
  • Representation on Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards

Administrative management

  • Administrative relations with banks, administrations,
  • Labour relations: Management of social and trade-union issues, human resources review and audit

Investment management

  • Review of investment projects
  • Presentation of build-up opportunity
  • Assistance for acquisition projects
  • Oversight of restructuring/reorganisation projects from the financial and human angles
  • Divestment assistance


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