Our Competences

Management of Corporate Restructurings
and PSE Job Protection Plans

In addition to the spectrum of social, legal and procedural solutions that must be perfectly mastered, it is essential to be aware that a business relies on the people it employs and that the sometimes painful consequences resulting from an economic downturn require a creative approach when it comes to proposing alternative solutions.
We believe that it is necessary to involve not only employees and the social partners but also shareholders and management, as far upstream as possible.

This is because any crisis that affects a business is always a sudden event which all too often is experienced passively and for which people (ie, executives and shareholders) are ill-prepared. For that reason, resolving a crisis situation forces a business to adopt a strategic vision attuned to the new business climate and its realities.

We are therefore ready to assist you in managing restructuring programmes (in France, PSE, or “Plan de Sauvegarde de l’Emploi”) and social engineering, from the launch of a restructuring project to the redeployment of employees, because:

  • it is necessary to apply an approach that allows the people involved (shareholders, management and staff) not only to see beyond the dispute and into a reality that is no longer perceived through the prism of fears and illusions, but also to build a future that is understood and accepted by all.
  • it is necessary to adopt a tailored approach that meets the unique requirements of the situation in full knowledge of the company’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • it is necessary to retain a degree of detachment, to be open to dialogue, prompt alternative proposals, explain and discuss, inform, and understand the psychology of stakeholders, while avoiding brinkmanship and threatening to break off discussions to achieve one’s ends.

Restructuring mean respecting and assisting employees but it also means overcoming fears in order to confront problems head-on.

Main complementary services:

In the framework of a PSE job protection plan:

Regeneration projects: We can help clients implement industrial regeneration programmes in their employment areas following a restructuring, as per Article L1233-84 of the French Labour Code, by encouraging job creation and local economic development.
Our expertise: Development of the services to be implemented under the industrial regeneration programme, assistance in setting up a network of local authorities (local government, institutions, etc.), creation of communication aids, detection of job-creating projects (targeting and prospecting businesses likely to be interested by the industrial regeneration programme), evaluation of dossiers on the basis of economic and financial feasibility studies, overseeing and running the programme, etc.

In the framework of the Job Exchange and employee redeployment:

Stress Management:
The way the PSE Job Protection Plan is handled by the General Management can have a lasting impact on the people concerned. Staff who have to leave the company experience a psychological shock. This phenomenon is not inevitable, however. We can help you support your employees by putting in place a support system that takes the human dimension of the restructuring into account.

Geographic Mobility Assistance: Relocation
We can help facilitate geographic mobility in areas working on behalf of your personnel during this transitional period to find housing and schools, and provide help for basic tasks such as making the inventory of fixtures prior to occupation, connecting utilities, or opening a bank account.
We can help them settle in to their new city and their new life.

Transforming one’s image into an asset:
The aim here is to guide you in improving levels of self-esteem, to be at ease in one’s professional position and perform successfully at job interviews.

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